Sergio Montoro Ten

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My life in pink

I have never been overly impressed by titles. I think that most people are capable of attaining one, if they have sufficient support and dedicate the time necessary. I am pleased to be working in a sector such as information technology which, while not overly regulated, still allows freelancers to have, to a certain degree, a free hand in what they do. I do not deny the value of training; in fact I consider that it is essential to devote many years to study, in order to become a simple specialist in any concrete area within the field of information technology.

Computing is like music, the real virtuosos start as children.

Although I have less and less free time left to "play around" and it riles me to see that my colleagues are gaining the advantage in their ability as programmers, I think that I can still boast about being good with a computer in front of me, and I hope to be able to continue to do so in to the future …

It is essential to say that in my curriculum I am a Computer Science degree holder from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), Technician in management computing (IUM- Mississippi College), Certified Microsoft Engineer, Marketing diploma holder From the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid (COCIM), a Graduate in the Management of Commercial Art (Wesleyan Univ.) and a Masters degree holder in Human Resource Management and Organisation from the Higher School of Commerce Management and Marketing (ESIC). As well as the infinite number of lesser courses and non-university training on which I have invested a good part of my salary.

With regard to my Career, I have been a pre-seller, quality control manager of software, team manager of software development and finally, a professional businessman.

I successfully ran KnowGate software development company in Spain for thirteen years from 2000 to 2013. During that time I also joined iContainers as co-founder and developer angel. In 2013 I decided to move to the United Kingdom to pursue new opportunities. In 2014 I joined Habber Tec as manager of the English branch. As of 2019 I have moved temporarily to The Netherlands.

I don't like travelling just for pleasure, but it is something that I prefer to do with the aim of discovering the world. I have visited a good number of countries with the sole purpose of becoming acquainted with and understanding at first hand, the economic and social realities of the places concerned. In such a way, I spent some time studying economics in Oxford, wandered around the United States, went to Cuba, flew East beyond China until Japan, got a Russian a Visa, travelled through Europe by train, sailed down the Nile.

What I do in my free time is my own affair, but I tend to like sports in which one competes with oneself. I read a lot but I no longer keep paper books since for me their a symbol of attachment to materials things.
Cinema usually bores me, most films do not reflect even a tenth of what actually happens in the real world. I tend to think that the soloist dressed in red you see singing whilst sat on the piano, is sitting in the pub next door to the cinema, waiting for one of the audience members to spend the price of the ticket on buying her some flowers. My own life has often been like a movie.


Who doesn't like receiving an award?
My favourite part is when I have the opportunity of thanking publicly, the people that have helped me, because in truth some of them have done so to a great degree and in a totally disinterested way.
We could highlight: A special mention from a Lieutenant General from the Central Military Region, for my contribution to the study of Internet in the Armed Forces, First Prize at the Internet Factory at Recoletos (Madrid), Entrepreneur of the Year at the Mississippi College (IUM) and finalist in the award for Young Entrepreneur (AJE Madrid 2003).


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